Partners and Supporters

The project Khoj Museum, has been initiated by Manthan Educational Programme Society, India in association with ZOOM Kinder Museum, Vienna, Austria. The museum has been evolved keeping in mind the philosophy and approach of both the organisations.

Manthan Educational Programme Society, India is a not for profit organization. It is one of the oldest and niche organizations working in the field of science education in India. Since its inception, Manthan has done innovative projects at the interface of design, entrepreneurship and science. On one side of it, we have developed hundreds of kits on various subjects like eclipses, climate change and gender to be used by children in rural areas across India. On the other side, Manthan has conducted various awareness programs regarding health, diseased, medicine, sanitation and hygiene in tribal areas across India.

Since 1990’s, Manthan has achieved an expertise in initiating a repertoire of activities across India like science awareness programs, science teachers’ training, designing and distribution of hands-on science outreach and offshoot materials, designing and conducting science exhibitions and brining a new dimension to science education.

Through its profound experience in training and development, recently, Manthan has also covered major rural and tribal communities in Gujarat under its umbrella for entrepreneurship development with the help of Science and Technology intervention. Manthan has established a Community Science Centre at Narmada District of Gujarat State with the support of State Government.

“Hands on, minds on, hearts on!” At ZOOM Children’s Museum Vienna, children are welcome to ask questions, to touch and to feel, to examine and to play to their hearts’ desire. At ZOOM, children explore the world with all their senses, on their own or in small teams. In their own individual way, they zoom in on objects and situations and, by doing so, find out about themselves and discover their own skills, abilities and creativity. In ZOOM’s exhibitions and workshops, the children playfully acquire sensory impressions and emotive experiences, which set learning processes into motion and allow them to acquire new knowledge. In contrast to museums for adults, ZOOM invites children to touch and try out exhibits and, through the sense of touch, take possession of the world.


With collaborations from around the world, Khoj Museum facilitates knowledge sharing and knowledge enhancement among the institutions.


The Khoj Museum is housed in the campus of VedHshala.


This project has been initiated by Manthan Educational Programme Society, India in association with ZOOM Kindermuseum, Vienna under the CSR initiative of Gujarat State Financial Services Ltd. GSFS has supported this initiative as a innovation focus and education focus initiative under their CSR activities.