Khoj Museum is India’s first Children’s museum. It aims to provide a rich experience of hands-on activities that inculcate the spirit of questioning and thinking in children. Khoj means, “Search or Discovering” in Hindi. The museum aims at activities, challenges and exhibits that facilitate thinking, inventing and the spirit of discovery. We take up simple concepts that we see everyday whether its seasons changing from one to another or soap bubbles and use them as a medium for children to learn and understand science.  Innovation and Science are closely linked with each other. Innovation is built upon science and science is built by innovation. The museum is an innovative space designed with different experiments for children and adults alike to understand everyday phenomena that happen around them.

The museum has 2 permanent exhibits – A for Astronomy and Able. The two temporary exhibits rotate every 6 months. It’s a dynamic museum with ever-changing exhibitions and workshops that combine science and creativity.



Bulbule (Called bubbles in English) are humble everyday globes of wonder. But the science behind bubbles is fascinating. They can be frozen, they can be given shapes and they can be use to learn mathematics. know more

Moving Images

Moving images are present everywhere in our surroundings – from the mobile phone that streams videos and helps us click photos to the entire film industry churning out hundreds of movies around the world. know more


Have you seen the many moons of Jupiter? The storms on Mars? A supernova explosion? Can you name all the constellations in the sky? When we have a full moon, is it also full moon in other parts of the world?know more


Able is a dynamic space for the differently abled. We curate different exhibitions every 6 months aimed at the differently abled.know more

The Moon Dome

The dome is an area outside the museum featuring a dome planned to be used for the purpose of open air exhibits, talks and resting area. It provides a wonderful environment for children to play or parents to relax.know more

The Park

Within the premises, we grow a number of vegetables and do small tours for children to learn about the process of farm to table. The butterfly park features flowering plants that attract butterflies and is a small ecosystem of its own within the nature park.know more



Today we are surrounded by moving images – from the images on our smartphones to films streaming online. But getting here hasn’t been easy. Let us go back to the history of moving images and create our own moving image story in form of a mini flipbook and also learn about the history of flipbooks and mutoscope. Get ready to become an Animator!


This series of workshop which makes you travel through the era of the beginning of animation and animation toys. The workshop focusses on understanding the basics of frame by frame drawing and how can it be converted into a moving image when placed in an animation toy. The participants will be able to make a zoetrope! or a thaumatrope! or a praxinoscope!


Bulbule (bubbles in English) are humble everyday globes of wonder. But the science behind soap bubbles is fascinating. In this workshop on Experiments with Soap we explore and exploit the chemical and physical property of soap to understand bubbles create giant bubbles, experimenting with dry ice and soap and creating self-expanding bubbles. Get ready to become a Scientist!

Bubble Machines

Have you imagined a dreamy world full of bubbles flying all around. We at Khoj have been playing with soapy bubbles on the Bulbule floor. This workshop is a hands-on experience to create your own Soap Bubble Machine and bringing your imagination to real. All you need are some materials around you and few tools!

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