KHOJ is one of the first dynamic children’s museum in India focussing on connecting science, art and innovation by means of participatory displays, inquiry-based activities and inquisitiveness-based explorations. Unlike a regular museum having play cards of “Please Do Not Touch”, at KHOJ visitors are encouraged to interact, participate, play and explore different exhibits and concepts. The main philosophy of the museum is that the children should have fun and build inquisitiveness while explore the exhibitions, in the process they will learn and understand different concepts in-depth and further building their own small movements to promote the concept of innovation. The growing years of a child are filled with inquisitiveness and amusement towards what they observe. Their minds are filled with inquiry and have freedom of expression. KHOJ Museum was built with a mandate of supporting the young ones in questioning every thing which they see, defusing the boundaries between the subjects and focussing on the theme and further connecting it with daily lives. Art and creativity remain at the core of the museum and acts as a bridge between science, innovation and daily lives.


Bulbule (bubbles in Eng) are humble everyday globes of wonder. But the science behind bubbles is fascinating. They can be frozen, they can be given shapes and they can be use to learn mathematics. At the Soap bubbles exhibit, we answer all your questions regarding bubbles through a series of experiments. Blowing bubbles has never been so much fun!


Today we are surrounded by moving images – from the images on our smartphones to films streaming online. But getting here hasn’t been easy as we graduated from cave paintings to cameras the size of a room to silent films and technicolor. Join us on our journey through the history of moving images as you create your own cameras and make films.!


Have you seen the many moons of Jupiter? The storms on Mars? A supernova explosion? When we have a full moon, is it also full moon in other parts of the world? Why does one need to go to Antarctica to study a solar eclipse? Find answers to these questions and experience astronomy through the various displays at the Khagol exhibit..





KHOJ is the only children’s museum in India, first of its kind and aims at creating a scientific temper among children and adults alike. Our exhibitions feature simple everyday phenomena happening around us and exploring it. Like the science behind a soap bubble, or a drop of blood and its composition or reasons behind changing seasons. We take a lot of what we see and hear for granted; at Khoj you can now find out more about what you thought was simple!


Unlike most museums that are static, Khoj is a dynamic museum. We don’t have the same exhibitions but every floor transforms itself 6 months into something entirely new. If you come now, you would see cameras and virtual reality as we celebrate moving images this month. But if you come back in summer, you would probably see textiles, fabrics and dyes as we do a history of the cloth or any other topic for that matter. Prepare to be surprised!


We spur innovation with our many hands-on activities inside the museum’s four floors. We have a number of experiments that you can do within the premises to understand and learn more about how you connect the dots and how innovative you can be. For a fresh batch of ideas, visit the museum and let your creativity be unleashed!


A very relevant aspect of the museum is in its design itself. With an army of maverick architects, designers, artists and builders, we set out to create a space that speaks to every individual. From the way its walls are painted to the gardens and the dome, we have tried to create something that is constantly challenging us and doesn’t remain permanent. We hope it challenges you too!


KHOJ – Art + Science + Innovation is NOW ONLINE

Dear friends we are happy to share that due to public demand  KHOJ Museum Tours are a now VIRTUAL. We welcome groups and schools to visit our museum virtually and also be a part of 2 theme based DIY activities.

How to be a part of the virtual tour:

  • Gather a group of students or friends online
    (ZOOM Platform)
  • Select an exhibition to visit
  • Select an available date land time slot
Register for the virtual tour
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Alliance Francaise
Cultural Coordinator

I think it’s a great initiative, especially when most of the museums in India are passive and not very engaging.  A set-up like this for children will actually be more approachable, fun, practical and engaging. The education in India has to move out of textbooks

Respire Experiential Learning

Khoj Museum has well designed Science activity areas for kids. They have some of the best models and activities explaining Science to kids I have seen in India.  I am an STEM Educator, and I highly recommend to take kids to Khoj for experiencing the concepts they have been reading in Science text books till now.

Visit us @ KHOJ

We are Open:
Every Tuesday – Sunday
11:00AM – 6:00PM